Record your wildlife sightings

We want to know about your wildlife sightings from around the university! From ducks to daisies and ladybirds to lichens - submit your records here! Centralising records will not only help us to learn more about the biodiversity of our campuses as a whole, but through this website records will also be made available to recording schemes outside of the university and so support local and national conservation research and decision-making.

Getting Started

Before submitting any records please visit the Recording Guidelines page for some quick hints and tips. To view records you and other users have submitted to the website, visit the Explore page. To learn more about how data submitted to this website will be used, please visit the About page.


Registering on the website is quick and free. You do not have to register to submit records of your wildlife sightings but if you do you will be able to keep track of your own records and download records that have been submitted to the site. You will also create a username which can be used on iRecord where you can submit records from elsewhere in the UK. If you choose not to register but wish to upload records, please still ensure you agree with the Terms of Use of the website.

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