ID Help


General Resources

iSpot: A great website where you can upload photographs of your wildlife sightings and an extensive community of experts will help you to make identifications. The website also has online keys for some species groups. Please note, however, that photos submitted to iSpot are also fed into national recording schemes and so should not also be submitted here.

OPAL: The Identification pages of the OPAL website have a wealth of resources which can be downloaded. There are guides to identifying all sorts of species, from trees and lichens to worms and bugs.


Websites for specific groups

Birds: the RSPB website has an A-Z of birds as well as a step-by-step identifier.

Butterflies: the Butterfly Conservation website again has illustrations and descriptions of all UK species and tools to help you identify the butterfly you've seen.

Dragonflies and Damselflies: the Brisitsh Dragonfly Society website has photographs for all British species and tips to help with identification.

Plants: the Botanical Keys website is great for beginners. There are more advanced resources on the Botanical Society of the Bristish Isles website.

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